Amenities & Services

Abruzzo, Italy
Guest rooms
In-home meals
Homegrown spirit

What You Can Expect

Below is a list of all the services we offer to make you feel like a member of our family. 

It is expected that the regulations will be followed to ensure your stay is as pleasant as possible.

Complimentary Breakfast

The complimentary breakfast will be served between 8 am and 11 am. We will try to accommodate special requests, so please do not be shy to inquire should you have dietary restrictions or special desires.


Linens are changed every three days. Any additional housekeeping will be on an as-needed basis.

Free Wifi

We will try to accommodate any additional technological needs. 

Parking & Transportation

Ample parking is available. We have bikes available as well if that’s how you want to get around! 

Activities & Events

A number of activities and events are organized throughout the year. Keep these events in mind before you book your stay so you can participate!

Aperitivo/ Afternoon Tea

Served with finger food and sweets – some with our lavender!

Available upon request (at an additional cost).

Group Seminars

Join our discussions on various topics like the benefits of lavender and essential oils. *

Lavender Products

Help make soap and candles with our own lavender essential oil. *

Meditation & Yoga

Let the scent of lavender and a Tibetan singing bowl massage bring you tranquility. 

Available during lavender season (June-July). *


Olive Picking

 We harvest olives from our grove to make our own olive oil.

Tastings can be organized upon request.

* Note: Minimum 5 Participants

Pony Rides Coming Soon!

Points of Interest

  • Pescara – 25 mins away
  • Silvi Paese – 5 mins away
  • Silvi Marina beaches – 10 mins away
  • Atri-Medieval Town – 15 mins away
  • Downtown Pescara – 25 mins away
  • Vasto Marina – 1.5 hrs away
  • Silvi Train Station-10 mins away
  • Pescara Centrale Train Station-20 mins away
  • Aeroporto Internazionale D’Abruzzo-24 mins away
  • Fiumicino Airport or Ciampino Airport, Rome–approx. 4 hours away (traffic dependant)
Buses Rome-Pescara
  • DiCarlobus
  • DiFebo Capuani
  • DiFonzo 
  • Prontobus
  • FlixBus
Abruzzese Cuisine

Ask us for our recommendations for the best aperitivi, arrosticini, seafood, pizza and gelato in the area! We have our favourites, and we’re sure they’ll become yours too.

Skiing Locations

Click on this link to find the slopes you’re looking for.

Shopping Centers
  • Centro Universo–10 mins away
  • Citta Sant’Angelo Outlet Village–15 mins away
Outdoor Markets (Abruzzo Region)


  • Atri–15 mins away
  • Pescara–20 mins away


  • Montesilvano-15 mins away


  • Chieti-35 mins


  • Silvi Marina-10 mins
  • Roseto degli Abbruzzi – 25 mins


  • Pineto-15 mins away
  • Lanciano – 1 hr away


  • Sulmona (famous for almond confetti)-45 mins away

Please see more information about the outdoor markets in Abruzzo region here.

Outdoor Markets (Marche Region)

Tuesday and Friday

  • San Benedetto del Tronto – 1 hr away (worth the drive)

Please see more information about the San Benedetto del Tronto market in Marche region here.