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Agriturismo D. Fiore

Abruzzo, Italy
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Dear Guests

We welcome you with open arms to Agriturismo D. Fiore, our family’s home away from home. It’s the place where our sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews from around the world can come to immerse themselves in nature and the rustic beauty of our ancestral land. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we all do.

In the heart of Abruzzo region...

Agriturismo D. Fiore sits atop a gentle hill in the Terre di Cerrano, a land of rich culture and history. Our gardens supply us the best quality natural produce, olive oil and essential oils.

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At the Agriturismo D. Fiore...

We are blessed with many striking views—from the balcony outside our guests rooms, we look out at the rolling quilt of the Abruzzo countryside. From our gazebo, we see the vast blue of the Adriatic, its breeze ever-blowing through our windows. And on a clear day, we can see the Maiella mountains and the Gran Sasso rising majestically over the landscape. 

We hope these picturesque views complement your stay and makes you feel at one with the land.

Agriturismo D Fiore Lavender

Together, with the land

Our agriturismo was built with the concept of family and nature working in tandem. 

Agriturismo D. Fiore Birds Eye View

Earth friendly

We are in the process of making our locale more energy efficient, while also adhering to the agriturismo land-to-table philosophy.

Silvi Paese

Immersed in Culture

A short distance from the Belvedere of Silvi Paese and other historical towns.

Giving back to our roots

We seek to instil a sense of community and strive to minimize the imprint we have on our precious environment. We take this philosophy with everything we do, especially when catering to our guests and developing our homegrown, direct-trade products and services. 

Essentia Lavender

We present to you with pride Essentia, our family’s line of lavender care products infused with essential oil derived from our very own lavender plants. We plant, grow, harvest and distill lavender from our own land, ensuring quality assurance over each step of the process.

From admiring  its striking blue-violet petals, to indulging in the aroma of our elixirs, we offer you the chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of lavender in all its essence–from seed to scent.

See a full collection of our products at Lavanda Essentia, and learn more about Essentia D. Fiore here





Your home away from home

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Learn about our family and history in Italy and abroad. We welcome you to join us and stay at Agriturismo D. Fiore!


Amenities, activities, and events

We offer a number of services and plan several events throughout the year to make your stay more enjoyable.

Attractions and local points of interest

Agriturismo D. Fiore finds itself in the midst of a wealth of culture and history with plenty of wonderful places to visit and things to do in the surrounding area.  

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Piane Maglierici, 70 64028 Silvi (TE)